The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe

The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe, Episode 1: The TV Promo

Back stage footage of The Bohemians Queen Tribute waiting and preparing for a TV studio appearance in Munich. This TV appearance is to promote the upcoming tour of Europe starting 27th Dec 2012 - 3rd March 2013


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe, Episode 2: The Road To Dresden

Footage of The Bohemians travelling from the UK to Dresden, Germany, for rehearsals of the upcoming European Tour. Travelling in a van for over 14 hours...


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe: Episode 3 The Rehearsals

Ok, it gets more serious now... This episode focuses on the very lovely and talented backing singers; Nadia (Soprano), Ashley (Alto), Michael (Tenor), Chris (Bass) and Peter Moss (Musical Director). This give you a bit of an insight of what goes on during gruelling rehearsals and the 'non nonsense' approach of Peter Moss's directorship, including a short interview with Peter Moss about the concept of the show.


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe Episode 4: The First Show

This episode shows the band arriving and preparing for the first show of the tour. The band are in very high spirits for the build up to the show and it shows the band reflecting on the show afterwards.


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe Episode 5: And we mean to go on & on & on & on

Episode 5 shows the build up to the 2nd show, the oldest venue in Germany. Rob tries to learn some German and shows us his technique for remembering the names of the male backing singers. He also explains why drinking Tea every four hours is so important.
Meanwhile Rob is steaming in the dressing room & Chris (the bass singer) asks Rob and Chris (our Chris) for help on part of The Miracle, which turns a bit gay. It ends showing the vast amount of people involved waiting backstage to go onto the stage.


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe Episode 6: New Years Eve Party Time

Sprits are high in camp Bohemia for the New Years Eve Double Show and After Show Party.
Meanwhile, Chris introduces some of the orchestra outside a Supermarket and finds one of the posters very funny.


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe: Episode 6 New Years Eve Party Time - Part 2

Showing the New Years Eve after Show Party and The Morning After... need i say more!!


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe - Episode 7: I'm a Bohemian Get Me Out of Here

The reality of a long tour is starting to take its toll on the band. After a two day break but six consecutive shows pending, Rob is feeling a bit down because he has upset the backing singers a little bit. Chris's guitar wireless system has failed, so he is now using a lead and Wayne is hoping his costumes will be laundered and dry before the show starts...


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe: - Episode 8: What Day is it...

Is it day 8? Is it day 10? Have there been 8 shows in 10 days or 10 shows in 8 days..? Does anyone really care? The Band and production team have been trying out some new ideas for the show, with some very positive results. We continue to see the band in various states of undress, again... and we finally get to find out how Rob does that costume change into the Barcelona Suit so quickly!


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe: Episode 9: We Have a Day Off Tomorrow, Hurrah!

So how is the tour going after nine shows in nine days? Let's find out. Rob reflects on the tour so far, explaining how he is coping with the vocal demands, being away from loved ones for so long and how he deals with a German audience. We also get to meet Ben, the monitor engineer, and then join the band for a few beers and a 'Freddie' sing along on board the coach.


The Bohemians Go Mad in Europe: - Episode 10: Meet Nadia and the Other One

There has been an incident regarding some broken glass on the coach, so the whole company are waiting outside the venue, having a drink next to the coach until everyone can board the coach to be taken to the hotel.  

So because of this, we get to meet and get to know Nadia, the Soprano, a little better. She tells us of her influences, past shows, future aims and teaches us how to sing in the whistle key! We also get to hear from that other Bohemian… What’s his name… Oh yes, Kevin.